Gamethread: White Sox at Angels

Two struggling pitchers face off tonight in Anaheim

Can James McSlam hit another one tonight? (@Whitesox)

After an exhilarating win last night, the Chicago White Sox are back at it this evening in Anaheim. Though we won’t have the one-man sideshow that is Bill Walton; Mike Schur will join Jason in the booth tonight.

Héctor Santiago will be on the bump for the Good Guys, and rookie Jose Suarez will start for the Angels.  Suarez has been struggling, with a 2-4 record with a 6.57 ERA in 11 games, going 0-3 in the last seven. Héctor is 0-1 in his only start for the Sox, taking the “L” in a 10-6 loss to Detroit on August 6, giving up five runs in 4 2/3 innings.

The game is on NBCSN and WGN AM 720. Your starting lineups for tonight are:

I’ll have a full recap after the game!


  1. My wish list for the remainder of the season:

    DFA Castillo
    Send down Goins, Engle, & Skole
    Add Robert & Mercedes to 40 man and call them up
    Recall Moncada & Collins


      1. Haha give him a few games to get back to game speed, he’s been out a while. It’s a formality and he’ll be back next week.


      1. He’s our 4th starter though…I know he’s been great in the second half, I’ve been watching too. Having Santiago or Detwiler or Covey as a 5th starter is unsat. It’ll probably be Banuelos when he’s done rehabbing, also unsat.


      1. We drafted Hector. Then we traded him to LA (in a 3-way deal so he ended up there with Skaggs from AZ, that’s why he had the patch on his jersey tonight) then he signed with us, then with the Mets and then back to us. “I wish I knew how to quit you”


      1. me too, my chocolate isn’t quite out of reach just yet. Might need it now that Trout’s personal strikeout pitcher has left the game


  2. I did not expect we’d have the dominant White Sox gamethread on day three of the new site. That is pleasing. Imagine once I figure out how we can pop photos or gifs into comments …

    Well done, crew!


    1. I think my mom probably strongarmed people, like GO COMMENT ON MY DAUGHTER’S POST DAMN IT. You do NOT want to mess with her. She and my dad went out to a movie or I’d have some parental hot takes to spice up the thread


  3. Sorry I missed the game thread tonight! I’m on a stay-cation up with with the wife and kid to mark the end of summer and the start of Kindergarten! Let’s get a win tomorrow!


  4. Looks like SSS eked out a close win against us tonight, but tonight we rose up and punched em in the MOUF! (way to go, Lauren’s mom!)


  5. Or you could just be like my wife, who today watched/refreshed the YouTube video of me and Sale on our “new YouTube channel” like 15 times to pump up the views, by just continuing to leave comments FTW …


  6. This comment is a test of the system, to see if I have successfully turned off automatic email notification for writers on the site when someone likes or comments on one of their posts. If you WANT that notification, you need to go to your personal settings (your photo icon in the top right corner), go to settings, and turn them on. (I think they are already on, by default.)


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