MLB cancels White Sox 2020 spring training?

Yet again, we who bleed black can’t help but feel attacked.

In the latest of a string of high-profile media omissions of the Chicago White Sox, ranging from ESPN forgetting about 2005’s World Series title (more than once), to right-wing douchebag Pat Sajak’s game show famously leaving out the Pale Hose in a list of Chicago sports clubs, it’s been par for the course for a long time to see our Sox tossed into the memory hole.

So when MLB decided to email a list of 2020 Spring Training schedules to every At Bat subscriber titled “Every Team’s 2020 Spring Training Schedule,” initially we should have known better and expected what we got: no White Sox. Again.

no white sox 2020 spring rainingYes, that’s right: Yet again, the Pale Hose were tossed right into the memory hole.

Did you want outrage? Were you hoping for harrumphing? Forget it: The fact is, this treatment is exactly what we expect by now. That’s why White Sox fans have to be made of stronger stuff than your average fanbase. Our shoulders are cleared of chips. We are sisters and brothers bathed in the nose light of Andy The Clown. We don’t need constant reminders of our existence pouring at us from every quarter of society such as some baseball clubs in Chicago enjoy. No matter how many times we are told we don’t exist, we don’t change our outlook. We know what’s up. We welcome your disdain. We thrive on your inattention.

And with this farm system, 2020 Spring Training is going to field squads that look monumentally dangerous.

Unless MLB cancels it.

Salute o7 to CHK for the tip.

UPDATE: Yes, by Monday afternoon, MLB updated its list and included all the teams, as advertised. Point is, we were forgotten … again.

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White Sox fan since the age of seven, with the mental scars to prove it.

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10 months ago

I often ponder whether or not I, a White Sox fan, actually exist, so I take this as a vote of no-confidence and putter on.

Trooper Galactus
Trooper Galactus
10 months ago

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if Bud Selig, in one of his last acts as commissioner, issued an edict of Damnatio Memoriae in a deliberate attempt to slowly erode the White Sox fan base until they can move it to a new market and make Chicago solely a Cubs town.

Lurker Laura
10 months ago

I am interested in your conspiracy theories and wondering where I can subscribe to your newsletter.

Joe Resis
Joe Resis
10 months ago

This is getting out of hand lol

North Portland Mark
10 months ago

Are you sure that Ricketts isn’t behind this?