Team swept? So what. White Sox fandom is doused with a Defoliant

Instant offense: Or, perhaps, “only offense.” Giolito’s two-run single in the second was the big bop for the Sox. (@WhiteSox)

Listen, there’s going to be some overlap between here and South Side Sox tonight, because there’s a lot going on — namely, the loss of one of our own, Rob Warmowski.

The Chicago White Sox lost 5-3 on Sunday, capping a sweep at the hands of the Atlanta Braves. As the game was winding up, word was trickling out about a bigger and more personal loss to us as White Sox faithful, Rob’s passing.

I’m writing now, and will be publishing something in the morning, specifically on Rob, a guy I’ve admired for a decade yet had only scratched the surface of. But as the losses for the 2019 White Sox pile up (we’re now churning defeats out at a rate that tracks to more than 90, again, for another season), this personal sticks, and hurts — even for someone like me, who was only beginning to get to know Rob well as a member of our staff here.

We were going to do some great things together, on these pages.

So, this was another game in Atlanta where the White Sox got off somewhat quickly on offense, this time falling behind in the first but rallying right back in the second to tie courtesy of … [checks game notes]… a Lucas Giolito two-run single?

(Benetti: “Did you see his jaw drop when he realized that ball was gonna fall?”)

But the highlights were few from there. Giolito pitched OK, victimized by two, two-run homers by Freddie Freeman, but otherwise acquitting himself as an ace does, keeping his team in the game in spite of a couple of gaffes (just four hits, one walk, seven Ks over six pitched).

Unfortunately, with the White Sox held to just five hits — and in what is becoming a troubling trend, just one extra-base hit (Tim Anderson, double, part of a 2-for-3 day that also included an egregious and failed steal attempt of third base) — our ace did not have four runs of margin of error.

It was encouraging that the White Sox walked five times in the game, and that all three RBIs came with two outs (José Abreu later singled in a run in the seventh to draw the White Sox to within 4-3). But there’s just not a lot more to say, and truly, the news about Rob tonight just makes it an all-around, utterly terrible day.

The White Sox continue their cultural insensitivity tour by shipping up to Cleveland for four games. (That last crack’s for you, @Whitesoxski.)

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Right Size Wrong Shape
Right Size Wrong Shape
9 months ago

With all of the borderline racist Tim Anderson criticisms I’ve read recently (his defense and baserunning have definitely been bad, but it’s the other comments…) it’s hard to point the finger too fervently at other fan bases.

Right Size Wrong Shape
Right Size Wrong Shape
9 months ago

You’re not wrong, I guess I’ve just been more bothered by the mess in our own house lately.