Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox (Doubleheader)

On a mission: Tim Anderson‘s quest for the batting title continues against Detroit today. (Clinton Cole/South Side Hit Pen)

After weather did not allow the White Sox and Tigers to complete any games, there will be a doubleheader today. The second game of yesterday’s scheduled doubleheader will not be made up, so these two teams are scheduled to have only three more games to finish with 161 on the season.

Baseball-Reference estimates that a team of replacement level players would finish a 162-game season with a 48-114 record. The Tigers (46-112) are essentially right in line with that. There just isn’t much talent on this roster, especially on the offensive side. The Tigers have the lowest OBP in the majors (.294), and in a year where home runs are way up, the Tigers have failed to follow that trend.

Fortunately, the White Sox (70-88) have taken advantage of the Tigers’ weak points, as they are 10-5 against them. Reynaldo LĂłpez will pitch for the White Sox. LĂłpez got off to an excellent start to the second half of the season, but he has cooled off lately. LĂłpez has a 5.57 ERA, 5.14 FIP, and 5.39 xFIP. His fWAR (based on FIP) is 2.0, which seems generous. According to FanGraphs, if you base his WAR on RA9, his value drops to 0.2 wins above replacement.

Here are this afternoon’s starting lineups:

This game will be televised on WGN, WGN 720 will have the radio coverage, and it will begin at 2:40 CST. Let’s get our 71st victory.

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It would be a small, very small victory, to not lose 90……again. Why can’t we have nice things?

Brett Ballantini
Active Member

With that homer off of Colomé in the nightcap, Sox, at Game 160, are in position to lose their first this season when entering the ninth with a lead.