South Side Hit Pen Podcast: Episode 2

Marcell Polo: Will Marcell Ozuna land in Chicago on Monday? If so, we have a plan to keep him from getting lost in the netting with his disorienting move from left to right field. (@CespedesBBQ)

So, with Clinton Cole off doing his divine work photographing and videographing the Big 10 Championship Game this weekend, Episode 2 features editor-in-chief Brett Ballantini and writer Leonard Gore talking will-he-won’t-he-Marcell Ozuna, Marcell Polo, Yaz Grandal, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Ken Williams, Wiffleball in the house, humor in baseball, and fanfic-on-demand.


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Actor (final credit: murdered by Albert Einstein in "Carnage Hall"), musician (Ethnocentric Republicans), and Nerf hoops champion, Wiffleball aficionado and onetime bilingual kindergarten teacher, Brett Ballantini also writes about baseball, basketball and sometimes hockey, publishing at the NBA, MLB, NHL, and for Slam, Hoop, Sporting News, the Athletic, and others. He was CSN Chicago’s Blackhawks beat writer for their first Stanley Cup season of 2009-10, and took over the White Sox beat after that. He currently is the editor-in-chief of South Side Hit Pen and managing editor of SB Nation's South Side Sox. He also wrote a book about Ozzie Guillén but is running out of space, so follow him on Twitter @BrettBallantini and he'll probably tell you even more about himself than you ever wanted to know.

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Leonard “Not Al” Gore, 35 year old Black White Sox fan/husband/father. 2006 University of Illinois-Champaign graduate, shared a class with the starting 5 of the Finals squad. Told my girlfriend in February 2005 we’d get married when the White Sox won the World Series. Improbably had to do the deed 3 years later. Capricorn. Christmas Eve baby (don’t get me started). I love baseball, Stephen King and Douglas Adams novels, and the entire filmography of the greatest living actor Nicolas Cage. Best job: Working for the Cubs (sorry) in 2007-2008 as an original operator of the first electronic ribbon boards at Wrigley, met Uecker, Santo, Ernie, and celebs like Keith Olbermann and I peed next to Tim Robbins. First time blogging in any official capacity and long time reader of SSS. Tim Anderson has blocked me on Twitter but you can still follow me @Leonard42 and l.j.gore_83 on Insta.

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Right Size Wrong Shape
Right Size Wrong Shape
5 months ago

I too clamor for the return of the Turk.