South Side Hit Pen Top Prospect 74: John Parke

Chipping away: Parke has little prospect sizzle, but continues to put up sweet numbers in the White Sox system. (@BhamBarons)

John Parke
Left-Handed Starting Pitcher
205 pounds
Age: 25
SSHP rank among all left-handed starting pitchers in the system: 8
South Side Sox 2019 Top Prospect Ranking: 68

Parke was an Under the Radar profile last fall. He is likely to return to Birmingham for 2020, with an opportunity for early promotion if he does well.



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Despite my entire family being Cub fans, I grew up listening to Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall on the radio as I listened to the entire season of the South Side Hit Men of '77. While it's true I have a myriad of other interests (American history, classic literature, classic rock, classic country, blues, jazz, gardening, family,etc.--not all in that order), few things aside from family surpass my interest in all things baseball--especially the White Sox.

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