Today in White Sox History: March 15

Round Two: Veeck came back to the White Sox, saving the team from a move to Seattle. (Sports Illustrated)

After stepping in at the last minute to buy the White Sox and prevent them from being moved to Seattle, Bill Veeck appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated: “Baseball Couldn’t Shut Him Out.” Veeck would own the team from 1976-80 in his second ownership stint.


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Mark Liptak is originally from Chicago and has been a White Sox fan since 1960. He and his wife Zoe reside in Pocatello, Idaho where he is the radio voice as part of Idaho State athletics in volleyball, football, women's basketball and softball.

Mark went to the University of Kentucky. He’s been in the sports media profession since 1978 having worked in television sports in three markets between 1978 and 1994. He’s also written for numerous newspapers in addition to his radio duties.

Liptak has covered a Super Bowl, two Kentucky Derby’s, an NCAA woman’s basketball Final Four and worked for CBS-TV during their coverage of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament’s opening rounds held in Boise in 2001.

He is also a Chicago White Sox historian who has written for various web sites over the past 17 years including the Chicago Baseball Museum and Chicago Now / Sox Net, a series of blogs and websites associated with the Chicago Tribune.

He and Zoe have been married for 30 years. Their son, Mason, and his family live in Longview, Texas.

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Mark Liptak
Mark Liptak
3 months ago

Just to give a few more details on this situation. The original plan by MLB was for the White Sox to move to Seattle which would cause that city, King County and the state to drop their lawsuits over the move of the Pilots in 1970.

Then Charlie Finley, who wanted to buy the Sox as far back as 1958, would move the Athletics to the South Side.

It would have been interesting to see how that would have played out over time on the South Side.

Wayne Tietz
Wayne Tietz
3 months ago
Reply to  Mark Liptak

I wish Finley would have bought the White Sox in 1958 instead of Veeck. Finley offered more money than Veeck but the Comiskey family took Veecks offer instead. The history of the white Sox would have been a lot different if Finley bought the team in 1958.

North Portland Mark
3 months ago

If only the Southside Hitmen had been able to pull it off.